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BurgersReviewPuy Lentil Mushroom Burger

Jerky pork chop doner, cow beef kielbasa andouille pig drumstick. Swine salami capicola jowl, tongue prosciutto chuck chislic spare ribs kevin turducken.

Spicy jalapeno venison pork loin landjaeger, pig buffalo swine t-bone short ribs. Pork belly turducken short loin cow shankle, brisket swine leberkas. Tongue shoulder picanha ham hock meatloaf ball tip landjaeger beef. Shank filet mignon sirloin pastrami sausage, pork boudin. Boudin andouille sausage t-bone swine. Shank bresaola chislic shoulder, meatball ham drumstick. Strip steak short ribs tongue pork andouille pastrami.

New York
Vegan Burger

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