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Our Story

At Eat 4 Later, our mission is to give back people’s time and support our local economy. We do this through delivering you great tasting, chef prepared, ready made meals. All you need to do is add heat, eat and repeat!

Our team here at Eat 4 Later are all Calgary small business owners. Some of us have young children with big taste buds. Between being entrepreneurs and parents, our lives are always on-the-go. We needed to find easier ways to routinely make great tasting dinners that don’t take up much of our time.

Our “aha” moment came while, Nelson Liem, was grocery shopping. He noticed the frozen food aisle was dominated primarily by corporate food brands. The world says it’s shifting more towards supporting local, yet there is very little representation of local food brands in the frozen food aisle.

We are always thinking of ways to support local. With our ties to the small business community here in Calgary, we quickly realized we have an opportunity to help the restaurant and store owners we know. We also wanted to give other busy Calgarians an easier way to shop for their frozen, refrigerated and non-perishable at home meals. With the world shopping more and more online, we decided to start an online marketplace for local frozen, chef prepared meals! This is how Eat 4 Later was born.


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